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In the 10 years since its establishment, Shenzhen Dayuan Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. was the first to establish Dayuan Technology (industry) Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong. After continuous reform, innovation, resource integration and channel introduction, it has formed a professional IC supplier integrating R & D and sales.

Dedicated and hardworking business team; Efficient and capable procurement and logistics department; Steady and rapid advantageous procurement channels at home and abroad; Professional technology IC application engineer team; Honest and trustworthy business philosophy; The stable and excellent customer group and snowballing customer accumulation promote Dayuan industry to grow day by day.

After years of commercial precipitation, Dayuan industry can operate multi brand business quickly and efficiently; Dayuan industry can let customers get the most urgent electronic materials in the shortest time; Dayuan industry can also let customers get the most favorable price system under the condition of reasonable delivery cycle; Years of operation and management have made Dayuan industry's naturally formed stock system and warehouse management deeply appreciated by customers.

SCM division is an important part of Dayuan industry. The company is a strong agent of the advantageous brand of single chip microcomputer in Taiwan, mainland China, Europe and America. Choose the most reasonable, cheapest and stable single chip microcomputer model for customers; Strong engineering design and technical support; Free software; Free design of MCU application scheme; Provide SCM application tools for free and solve the technical application problems of customers' products for free.

Dayuan industry can resonate with customers and insiders in IC chip design. Define the feasible chip design scheme according to the customer's requirements, market requirements and the technical requirements of the chip itself.

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